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‘Mrs Funnybones’ Twinkle Khanna Makes Fun Of Husband Akshay Kumar Once Again

Twinke Khanna is hilarious – especially when it comes to making fun of her husband, superstar Akshay Kumar. And she has done it yet again, on Instagram, while the ‘fitness freak’ Akshay was trying to make a point. 

Akshay Kumar, who recently made it to Forbes List for being one of the world’s highest paid entertainers, decided to take a ‘hanging challenge’ during a recent trip to England. So Akshay was seen hanging from a bar for two minutes straight, the prize money for which was a 100 pounds. And Twinkle instantly took the opportunity to share a quirky post about the same.

‘Just hanging in there! Not happy with hitting the Forbes list- he wants to make a quick 100 pounds here as well :)’, wrote the official Mrs Funnybones. This, however, isn’t the first time that Twinkle has made fun of Akshay on social media.

On another vacation, a while ago, Twinkle had shared a picture of Akshay in a black turtleneck sitting across the table, with a granola jar in view. “A tip for Indian men : A black woolly turtleneck can make most of you seem exponentially smarter, especially if you don’t ask the woman sitting on the other side of your precious jar of granola what ‘exponentially’ means. Also it doesn’t help if you call the other person ‘Maha Pakau’ when they try to give you the correct definition”, wrote Twinkle.

The best part about Twinkle’s humour is that not only does she make fun of her entire family (mostly her husband), she knows how to laugh at herself too. Like this one time when she posted a photo of Akshay enjoying a creme brulee with the caption, “I wish he looked at me the way he is looking at his green tea creme brûlée :)A tiny restaurant with the most delicious food”.

Honestly, Twinkle and Akshay together are so funny, they’re cute. Keep ’em coming, Mrs Funnybones.

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