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Varun Calls Sonakshi ‘Bhabhi’ At A Press Conference And We’re Like Whaaaaat?!

Varun Dhawan and Sonakshi Sinha, who are currently shooting for their upcoming film ‘Kalank’, appeared together at a Kid’s Choice Awards event, recently. What got everyone talking about the two, however, was when Varun called co-star Sonakshi ‘Bhabhi’, meaning sister-in-law. 

This, obviously, got everyone wondering who the ‘bhaiyya’ or brother is, because Sonakshi has clearly been very discreet about her ‘relationship(s)’. Which is when Sonakshi stepped in and said that Varun is not to be believed as he loves starting rumors.

Varun also mentioned that we’ll ‘find out in April’ – which also happens to be the month Kalank is releasing. So deciphering this ‘inside joke’ could be a bit of a challenge, unless of course, we get a name from either of the actors!

With Bollywood’s shaadi season finally coming to an end for this year, we’re obviously looking forward to some new surprises!

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