Varun Dhawan Ke Liye Sab Badhiya Kyun Hai?

Varun Dhawan’s character, Mauji, a tailor from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, is as the name suggests; all carefree and cheerful. The simplicity of both the stars of ‘Sui Dhaga- Made in India’ has stolen a million hearts already and the audience is loving the ‘real’ in the reel. All set to hit the theaters on 28th September, Dhawan has evolved commendably as an actor and his metamorphosis to Mauji was not an easy one. Leaving no stone unturned, he demanded a song that befitted the endearing spirit and soul of his character. To get the right track, he reached to Anu Malik and by the looks of it… sab badhiya hai!

Here’s the sneak peek to the teaser

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