Newly ‘Single’ Vicky Kaushal Agrees To Go On A Date With A Fan!

It’s been a while since Vicky Kaushal had been ‘rumouredly’ dating actress Harleen Sethi. However, after the news of his break-up with Harleen was revealed, there have been some more developments that you might not be abreast with! Worry not, we’ll bring you up to speed.

A source close to the actor revealed, exclusively to GoodTimes, that the actor was recently asked out on a date by a 26-year-old fan, and he said yes to her!

The feeling of being in love has made Vicky do something completely uncharacteristic of his social media persona. During the time he was dating Harleen Sethi, his PDA (public display of affection) was to a minimal extent, hardly even sharing a picture or two with her. This time, however, the tables have turned and how! Check out Vicky Kaushal’s official tweet about the same –

“Yes, I am in love. Kuch kuch hota hai bhaiyon. Tum nahin samjhoge,” read Kaushal’s tweet on his official social media handle. The fact that he made a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai reference while professing his love for his newfound lady love might mean something in the film context. Is there a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai remake, or sequel in the making, which Vicky is going to be a part of? Or are we just circumventing the fact that there is actually really just a fan who is lucky enough to go on a date with the Uri superstar?

Well, according to our source, Vicky has never been happier!

Vicky has been in and out of painful relationships in the past. Somehow, none of them were working out. But now that the person in question has walked in to his life, everything seems to have fallen into place!

While all this is really sweet and we are all *heart-eyes* for Vicky, we can’t help wondering who this girl really is who has stolen the heart of Bollywood’s heartthrob? Is she one of the fans who has tattooed his name on her back? And how did she really get to asking him out, because whatever the method was that she used, it’s pretty awesome.

Find out all the details about Vicky’s new lady love¬†here.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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