This South Star Waited To Say ‘Good-Bye’ To Katrina While She Was Busy On Phone

Did you know Katrina Kaif’s first ad shoot was for the leading beverage brand Coca Cola, in which she comes to life from a painting, just to have a sip of the chilled drink?

The actor in the commercial with Katrina was none other than Tamil superstar and playback singer Vijay, who is lovingly know as Thalapathy to fans and the media. No, we’re not randomly bringing up Katrina’s first ad. In fact it was the Bharat actress herself spoke about a heart-warming experience she had with the South star.

Getting candid with Anaita Shroff Adjania’s Feet Up With Stars, Katrina shared that despite being a superstar, Vijay was such a gentleman to a newcomer.

I’m sitting on the floor and I’m on my phone. Whatever I’m doing. And I see in front of me these shoes, and I think it must be someone standing. I don’t bother to look up and I’m on my phone. After some time, I still see these feet.  Finally, I have looked up and I see that it’s the guy in the ad with us. He’s an actor. South superstar, his name is Vijay. He was so polite, he was waiting not to disturb me to say goodbye.

Katrina added that they were shooting in Ooty, and it was ‘very very cold’ – but we’re assuming the actor’s polite gesture, did warm Katrina’s heart, since she still remembers the moment so vividly.

Watch the ad below.