Vijay Varma Reveals His Shaadi Plans

A true fashion monger and one of the finest talents of the Indian film industry, Vijay Varma might be your style icon but looks like he is the ‘most unsuitable boy to marry’.

The actor who is busy promoting his latest web series ‘Dahaad’ helmed by directors Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi starring  Sonakshi Sinha, recently opened up about his marriage plans, his fashion game, worst date he has ever been on, his process of choosing different projects and more in conversation with GOODTiMES’ Puja Talwar. 

When the actor was asked about his shadi plans and his mother’s concern about his marriage due to the kind of roles he plays to which he said, “I’ll just take back the awards. I guess mom will just be happy with the awards I guess and the fat pay cheques that I am getting for these roles.”

He added, “I guess there are far too many suitable boys, there aren’t many unsuitable boys so I will own that space.”

When the actor was asked about the worst date of his life, he said, “I remember meeting this girl, I met her for the first time and I think in the first five minutes I decided to leave this date and I was like how do I leave without being rude. Because she was completely on a different tangent in life. I think she was too hoity-toity and did not like the cinema I like.”

The actor also talked about an experience he would never want to re-experiencea in his life, a director he craves to work with and more.