Want To Work With Sara Ali and Ranveer, Alia And Ranbir: Imtiaz Ali

Love for travel or travel for love, filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s love stories have taken the viewers from Kashmir to Corsica. The filmmaker revisits ill fated lovers Laila Majnu , the film  also mark the directorial debut of brother Sajid and two newcomers.The millennials may approach love and relationships a lot more differently than their predecessors but they have been called the ” most romantic generation “, the filmmaker feels Laila Majnu will find resonance.

Talking to GOOD TIMES ,Imtiaz said and we quote, “We all know Laila Majnu, we all know parts of it, I chanced upon a book, which had short stories of Laila Majnu. I was startled by how the characters spoke to me and then I realized this is what makes the story eternal and would resonate with every generation and specially the young people who are dealing with too many options and dissatisfaction, fidgety fingers. They should watch this where the passion is so pure and am curious to see how young people in relationships, who are infatuated by people will relate to this story.

The movie set in Kashmir, which for Imtiaz was the idyllic perfect place, ” it’s a special place, lost in time gives you the feeling of  a classic love story.”

Mesmerized by the ballad of Radha and Krishna, Imtiaz admits, “I have been toying with this idea to make a film on them for many many years.”

So who would be the perfect Radha and Krishna to cast?  “I don’t think of casting when am conceiving the film, it would be much much later.At the moment the stars are Radha and Krishna.”

The filmmaker’s last outing on screens was the Ranbir Deepika starrer, “Tamasha”, wants to work with all the new comers and revisit his old favourites, “I want to work with Sara Ali Khan and the other new comers I have not worked with before , as well as all the other  actors I have worked with before Ranbir and Alia as well as Ranveer.

The filmmaker know for his love for travel wants to visit Samarqand, who knows with him it could just be the setting of his next.


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