Sonam Kapoor Elaborates On The Time Of Her Life When She Met Anand Ahuja

In a rather heartfelt post, actor Sonam Kapoor shared a picture of herself from the time her film ‘Neerja’ released, and how she went on a journey of falling in love with herself. During which time, she met her life partner, Anand Ahuja. What followed is for many people’s favourite love story.

One of my favourite portraits, I was at my most pensive, it was a day or two after #neerja released, despite the success and adulation I wasn’t feeling ecstatic.. @rammadhvani said it was a feeling of equanimity which is good. I took a year off to feel something better than what I was feeling , in that journey in falling in love with who I was I meet my life partner @anandahuja . This picture is a symbol of a crossroads to the journey of fulfilment, that doesn’t come with work or a relationship, it comes with being someone who doesn’t need any of the above to complete them but someone who is inspired by themselves to feel complete.

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