5 Korean Dramas That Need To Be On Your Binge Watch List This Weekend

The world of Korean Drama seems to have enveloped us all, beautiful women and pretty boys, stylishly uber chic with their obsession with Ramen and Soju. Romantic stories, thrillers or fantastical dramas, with those lilting background scores, the Oppas and the Noona’s! ‘K Dramas’ as they are popularly called, have swept across so much recent worldwide statistics state over 30 percent of respondents stated that the drams were very popularly in their country.

I was introduced to ‘K Dramas’ long before the wave swept India, which was still savoring the taste of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai and HumSafar”, sifting through various Korean Drama sites, finding suitable translations, even managing to pick up the language.

But lo behold, gauging the popularity streaming service Netflix now has a library of Korean Dramas to boast off, picking up popular titles old and new, it’s my go-to haven!

So this weekend, if you are in the mood to binge here are my top 5 suggestions:

Crash Landing On You, a South Korean Heiress crash lands in North Korea after a paragliding accident. Rescued by a North Korean Army officer who helps her cross the border, little do they realize the heart knows no borders. As love blossoms will the two be able to withstand the animosity surrounding their countries. Starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the drama delish and the perfect indulgence for your romantic soul with several ‘aww’ moments.

Chocolate, this one is bittersweet, a chef and a doctor whose lives have been entwined since they were kids, meet again at a Hospice. Food plays an integral part as memories are made , savored and a craving to live life to the fullest is driven home in this 16 part series. Chocolate stars Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won.

Wok Of Love, a popular chef is sacked from the five star hotel he works at and a bankrupt heiress join hands and take over a rundown restaurant run by gangsters. Could this be a recipe for disaster or the perfect dish. Wok of Love stars Lee Jun Ho and Jung Rye Won.

Black Knight, he is a successful business man looking for woman who once knew. She is a penniless travel agent trying to make ends meet. But their story dates back 200 years, Black Knight is romantic with a supernatural tinge to it, makes it all the more exciting to watch. Are they destined to be together this time around, Black Knight stars Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, a narcissist CEO and his efficient secretary who announces she is planning to quit her job. That’s when the problems escalate and romance certainly isin’t one of them. The drama stars Park Min Young and Kim Byeong –ok and is quite the mills and boon romance.

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