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Ayushmann, Vicky, Rajkummar: Meet Bollywood’s New Poster Boys Of Cool!

Bollywood’s got three new poster boys of cool. While one struck the right chord with his ‘Andhadhun’, making us chant ‘Badhai Ho’, non stop at his success. The other’s ‘Manmarziyan’ had us ‘Raazi’ that he was the next big thing.  The triumvirate,  however, is incomplete without the rajkumar, who continues to prove his mettle. Meet the ‘trimurti’, Ayushmann Khurrana , Rajkummar Rao and Vicky Kaushal, who have emerged as the biggest draws on ticket counters, as well as amongst fans and critics.

The Year Of Vicky Kaushal

Let’s start with the actor who truly earned his stripes this year, Vicky Kaushal – one who slips in and out of characters with the ease of a chameleon. Versatility is his middle name.

“I don’t have a method, I’m exploring myself as an actor. My first step is to surrender myself to the vision of the director. I am just a medium to translate his vision to the audience in the purest way”, says Vicky.

All of 29 , Vicky has made it to Forbes India’s under 30 list of people to watch out for.

A journey that began with Neeraj Ghayawan’s Masaan in 2015, has translated into a joyride for the actor, who is now one of the most sought after talents.

Vicky, not the one to weigh roles according to ‘the footage allotted to him’, hit a purple patch this year.

He played the male lead in Netflix’s first original film, Love Per Square Foot, but it was his turn as the Pakistani Army officer in Raazi, which left an indelible mark.

The spy thriller with a female protagonist, sees Vicky bring vulnerability and strength to his character, as he gets into a twisted plot of love and intrigue.

Another gem of a character he gave us was Kamli. The funny, yet emotionally supportive friend to Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt, in Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju. The bro-mance of the two is superlative, as each backed the other’s talent with ease.

Kaushal ended the year with another amazing performance, as the commitment phobic, yet madly in love DJ in Manmarziyan, echoing his character’s confusion through his silences.

His charisma being his simplicity, Kaushal’s popularity quotient continues to notch up.

Ayushmann’s Love For Off-Beat

With a knack for picking up the so called hatke scripts, “the idea is to consume the script as an audience”, says Ayushmann Khurrana. “I see the script in totality not at a macro level, and eyeing how much screen time I have. Author-backed roles and films revolving around me have not worked for me in the past”, adds the actor.

Striking the right key with the thriller, Andhadhun, to playing Nakul – handling growing pains in Amit Sharma’s Badhai Ho, Ayushmann Khurrana’s stars shined bright, as both films received generous reviews and views at theaters.

Gotta Love Rajkummar

And last, but not the least, Rajkummar Rao’s intensity as terrorist Omar Saeed sent chills down our spine in Omerta. He topped it with the horror comedy Stree, as it sent the cash registers ringing and continues to do so.

Their once underrated talent is out there for all to see, being ‘actors’ over stars, this trio rides the wave of success with the same ease as they slip into characters.

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