Movie Review: Amitabh & Taapsee’s ‘Badla’ Will Keep You On Your Toes Till The End

A woman framed for the murder of her lover, a murder she says she didn’t commit. An advocate who has never lost a case is defending her, could this be his first wrong move? Is everything as she claims it is, is there another truth to the tale she doesn’t want to divulge.

As the web of lies and intrigue gets murkier could the truth actually be staring us in the face?

That’s Sujoy Ghosh’s Badla, a tight suspense which keeps you gripped for the duration of its 120 minute run-time.

A successful entrepreneur Naina Sethi played by Tapsee Pannu, who stands to lose everything she cherishes, her business, her home and child for the one ‘mistake’ she has committed. The mistake? An affair which she feels guilty of, but it’s too late to turn back since she and her lover get involved in an accident and all could come crashing around them. Naina’s lover Arjun is murdered and Naina is accused. But she claims it’s not her.

Badal Gupta an advocate played by Amitabh Bachchan takes Naina’s case, but why does he seem unconvinced, as he probes her to speak the truth, quoting the Mahabharat, and telling Naina, ‘Woh murkh hota hai… jo sach ko hi janta hai… Par sach aur jhuth ko fark ko nahi janta.’

But it’s not just Naina and Badal who are trying to solve the mystery, there is a mother Rani Kaur played by Amrita Singh, who claims Naina didn’t commit one, but two murders.

If you are expecting a court-room drama, well you aren’t getting any here, nor is there a cop hot on the heels of the suspect. The mystery unravels itself, and though you figure out the suspect, it keeps you engaged.

So, whodunit well, you getting no spoilers here, Amitabh Bachchan as Badal Gupta gives a nuanced performance yet again, Tapsee Pannu showcases her versatility, and the Big B-Tapsee chemistry is engaging.

But the one performer who deserves mention is Amrita Singh, in a supporting role, the actress gives a fine performance.

The only mystery we can solve for you, there is no cameo by Shah Rukh Khan!

Our rating -3 out of 5

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