Movie Review: ‘Dream Girl’ Is A Laugh Riot That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Ayushmann Yet Again

Meet ‘Pooja’, the shayar ki ghazal, the neel ka kamal, the dream girl to an army of suitors. But, wait a minute, here comes the gender bender, ‘Pooja’ is not your quintessential dream girl, but a young man who has the adept ability to impersonate the female voice.

From Amitabh Bachchan in Laawaris to Aamir Khan in Baaz, leading men have cross dressed and made a song and dance out of it, but Dream Girl comes draped with many layers.

Karamvir Singh has a gift of the gab and gaffes. He has a unique talent, he can flummox you with his impersonation of the female voice with such accuracy that his friend Manjot Singh makes full use of this talent to get out of sticky situations.

Little does Karam who lives in Mathura with his widowed father (Annu Kapoor) realise that what’s buffoonery can be a means to an end.

The jobless Karamvir (Ayushmann Khurrana) who at Ram Leela’s finds himself as the voice of Sita, needs a secure source of income. He finds his way into a call centre with women who offer friendship chats. Karam turns into Pooja whose melodious voice and coquettish charms win her a bevy of suitors, from a drunk married cop played by Vijay Raaz who recites poetry, a brahmchari who sings songs to her and a young man who is obsessed with Pooja to the extent he can die for her.

In the mean Karam finds love with Mahi (Nusrat Barucha) who is oblivious to his double life. The comedy of errors takes a turn for the worst as the fans get fanatic and want to meet the unseen Pooja and Karam’s adventures turn into misadventures.

In the age of social networking the friends and followers being no gauge of your popularity, the film tries to get the message of how despite being so connected we are rather lonely and lost.

The first half is a laugh riot though the second half get a bit predictable, it’s Ayushmann Khurrana who is driving this show. A scene stealer, he showcases his versatility yet again, the actor can pull off any role, be it man and in this case a woman with utmost ease.

Vijay Raaz as the cop and Annu Kapoor and Manjot Singh as his buddy are exceptional. The comedy keeps you engaged though the screenplay gets a bit stretched, the laughs keep you engaged with its wit.

But, once again Ayushmann Khurrana is indeed a one man show, an actor who has proved yet again that he has an inherent knack for picking scripts and characters which have success written on them.

Rating 4 out of 5.

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