Movie Review: To Enjoy ‘Student Of The Year 2’, Leave Your Brains At Home

Welcome to ‘Saint Teresa’, a cool school that belongs to another realm. Where buff good looking boys and pretty, skimpily-clad girls, spend their time idling away on the campus than in the class room. From shimmying away to retro beats to flaunting their swanky set of wheels, studies and lessons are certainly not a part of the curriculum here.

On the other hand, is Pishorilal Chamanlal – a downmarket institution and it’s star student Rohan (Tiger Shroff) – a sportsman par excellence, his only aspiration is to be in Saint Teresa – just to get close to his childhood sweetheart, Mridula, played by Tara Sutaria.

Rohan lands a seat through the sports quota, but his best laid plans turn awry from day one – from the moment he encounters the spoilt rich mean girl, Shreya, play by Ananya Panday. Though Rohan impresses with his athletic abilities, he has a dangerous adversary in Manav Randhawa (Aditya Seal) – the super rich good looking star of Saint Teresa, who incidentally is also Shreya’s brother.

So as Manav challenges him at every stopwith, “harna meri ego ke liye bura hai”, Rohan retorts with “din tera tha par saal mera hoga”. Rohan, however, after suffering hard knocks from Manav, and having to see the love of his life Mridula who is now Mia (after her evolution in Saint Teresa) and her infatuation with Manav, is wounded, but not broken. Rohan promises to be back stronger, and win the coveted ‘dignity cup’, the title of ‘student of the year’, and hopefully the girl too.

And he returns to school he had turned his back on, he finds an unlikely ally in Shreya, who is actually a lonely hurting rich girl, looking for love. Rohan gets set to take on Manav in a kabbadi match –  telling his friends that ‘St Teresa 1983 ke World Cup ki West Indies team hai, aur hum Pishori Indian team – the underdogs, par bahut jald hum upar honge’.

Meanwhile, he also has to decide which one of the two ladies – Shreya or a repentant Mia, is his true love. After all, ‘12 saal ka pyaar chaar din ki nafrat mein nahi badal sakta’, he tells Shreya who asks him to be weary of Mia. The most cringe-worthy scene, however, is where with one hand, Rohan is holding the hand of his forever love, Mia, and with the other, he holds that of Shreya’s.

So that’s Student Of The Year 2 for you. Tiger does what he does best, runs like Bolt, moves like Jagger, flaunts his perfect six-pack. Debutantes Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria are confident. Ananya has a charming screen-presence, but Tara could work a little on her expressions.

So has the class of 2019 graduated with flying colors? Hmm.. Can I say here, that I am a bit partial towards the previous batch? The Ishq Wala Love is now school wala love, as our love-sick hero lives for his girlfriends’ dream.

Out of all the songs, The Jawaani Song is the peppiest, with Will Smiths ‘blink and you miss’ appearance. Planning to watch the film? Well, in the words of the stars themselves, leave your brains at home.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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