Candid Confessions With Puja Talwar

2018, The Year Bollywood Dared To Be Different

The year that was; the mega stars were on low wattage, and the so called Average Joe launched a box office blitzkrieg as the ladies lead from the front. They certainly weren’t the weaker sex – far from it they

Anil Kapoor: The Forever Young And Jhakaas Star Of Bollywood

Bollywood’s forever young star; an actor who has not only defied age but has managed to reinvent himself through the years, remaining relevant in an industry known for it’s frivolity. Yes, jhakkas to that! Anil Kapoor who made the tapori moves

Dilip Kumar, The Original Method Actor Of Indian Cinema

Legend, Mega Star, Icon, the last Mughal, Thespian and Tragedy King; these are just a few of the epithets that can be used to describe an actor whose brilliance very few could match. I have had the good fortune to