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Amidst The #DeepVeer Hullabaloo, Two Minutes Of Silence For Deepika’s Earlobes

Deepika may have vowed to share her joys and sorrows unto death, with Ranveer – but her earlobes have proved their love for her, time and again. And how they stood by her through her big moment(s) – have made us all go awww…s*%t!

No seriously. Haters could hate, exes may fade – but those over burdened earlobes stayed, and how! So here’s a heartfelt pictorial tribute to what we’d like to call – the best earlobes in the world! Come here, you.

The world saw her beautiful smile, but if you take a closer look, you understand why we decided to write this article.

We hear you, Deepika’s earlobes! We hear you.

While Deepika was all ‘haha’, her ear lobes were like ‘aaaaa…’! Why you do this DP?

Cuz when she said ‘chaand baali’, she didn’t mean the style. She meant the size…of moon! *jaw drop*

She may have given danglers a break, but the weight must remain!

And if you’re done wondering whether the pic is photo-shopped, may we please take your attention to her beautiful ear ornaments which her visibly elongated, yet strong earlobes, quietly carried like the super-heroes that they are! *slow clap*

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