7 Drake Songs You Should Definitely Add To Your Playlist Today!

Mr. Audrey Graham, the Toronto child’s lyricism speaks directly to the soul. The man truly ‘started from the bottom’ and the way he describes what’s in his heart with the song ‘Do Not Disturb’ is enough to tell you lots about Drake. Moreover, he’s the guy who makes turtleneck look hotter than fire. How can one not ‘heart’ him? Here are 7 songs that will send you hitting ‘replay’ over and over. No monotone, Drake’s flow is a ‘hitmaker.’

#1 Hold On, We’re Going Home

#2  Days In The East 

#3 Headlines 

#4 4pm In Calabasas 

#5 5 Am In Toronto

#6 Over 

#7 Find Your Love 

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