Punjab To Miami, ‘Slowly Slowly’: Guru Randhawa Releases Latest Song With Pitbull

If you love grooving to Punjabi tunes, and if almost every Guru Randhawa song is in your playlist, you’re in for a treat.

Randhawa’s first International collaboration, his new song “Slowly Slowly” also features American rapper Pitbull who is popularly known for his tracks like ‘Rain Over Me’, ‘International Love’, ‘Hotel Room Service’. Pitbull had earlier collaborated with Priyanka Chopra for her single “Exotic”.

Guru Randhawa said in a statement, “I am quite excited to collaborate with Pitbull and the song has turned out good. Pitbull’s contribution on the song adds a magical spin that gives it yet another International twist. It’s a huge step ahead in going global…I think this collaboration will set Indian music on the global map.”

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