Hasan Minhaj Was Honoured In The ‘Howdy Modi’ Event Despite Being Denied Entry

Hasan Minhaj didn’t get a chance to say ‘Howdy Modi’ but that didn’t stop the comedian from making his presence felt. In fact, rather than being disappointed and feeling insulted for being denied entry because of his comments about PM Modi in one of the episodes of his show Patriot Act, Minhaj claims that he was rather honoured for his comedy.

Hasan appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and narrated in details how the authorities honoured him while kicking him out of the stadium. He said, “During the program they’re honouring the prominent Indian-Americans. And then they show a photo of me on the Jumbotron and people start clapping. So they were honoring me for my comedy while also blackmailing me and blackballing me and kicking me out for my comedy”.

The Indian-American comedian further compared the Trump-Modi rally to a Jay-Z and Beyonce concert.

Trump went at the rally to open for Modi. It was a big deal. I was like ‘I gotta go’. This is like Jay-Z and Beyonce of ethno-nationalism. Imagine a Jay and Bee concert but with no white or black people and no coolness at all. So we submit our press credentials immediately get an email back through saying ‘We’re out of space’. I was like ‘word’. Like I’ve been to Indian weddings, you just walk in. You’re out of space in a football stadium? Nah!

Describing how intense things got, Hasan said, “They said ‘Mr Minhaj we are out of space and you have been denied because of some of the comments you have made’. And I was like ‘I am sorry for making fun of cricket.’ They’re like ‘No. the comments you have made about Prime Minister Modi were not appreciated and you’ve been blacklisted’.” The comedian also made a cheeky comment on the Kashmir issue and said, “There were protestors outside the stadium. They were arguing with each other. And the police officers on rally duty were like ‘Why are you arguing over sweaters? Everyone can have cashmere’. They were like ‘That’s the problem, everyone can’t have Kashmir’.”

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