11 Hollywood Movies That Are A Must- Watch For Music Lovers

Biographies are always bittersweet. If the herald a hero, it is too painful to realise their fleeting life; if the portrayal is full of tragedies and challenges then to watch that get chronicled is a punch in the gut. Biographies

Apple Declares War On Netflix! Here’s Why

Apple is getting into another big game and this time it’s launching a Netflix rival- Apple TV+, the company’s new streaming channel for original television series and movies. Hungry for content to fill its library, the TV app promises to

Can’t Shake This Off: Did Taylor Swift Just Copy Beyoncé?

Two copying allegations in less than two months? That’s what Taylor Swift’s situation is like right now. To make it worse, she’s being accused of messing with none other than Queen B, Beyoncé! Swift’s latest music video for ‘You Need

9 Reasons Why We Should All Be Monica Geller

Every now and then there is a character we watch on-screen that resonates with us in more ways than one. From her “breaking news hungry” Gale Weathers to a very hip 80s teenage in a Bruce Springsteen video and Family