A Love Letter To Big Little Lies

“Did you ever fight it? All of the pain, so much power Running through my veins Bleeding, I’m bleeding My cold little heart Oh I, I can’t stand myself” The moment you plug in the very first episode of HBO

8 On-Screen Moments With Animals That Were Just Heartwarming

Remember Bruiser Woods in Legally Blonde? Elle Woods’ best friend and study partner? The very same Bruiser Woods who also served purpose to Elle’s life in Washington DC? Bruiser Woods was a Gemini, Vegetarian, Gay dog. But none of his

Marvel Keeps Alive The Avengers Snapped Into Oblivion By Thanos

When the Avengers are around, everything has to be out of this world. The Earth’s mightiest superhero squad has to do everything in the most unique manner. Even press conferences can’t escape! The cast and crew of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ had

Joaquin Phoenix Transforms Into the Joker; Watch The Trailer Here

Smile! Because the iconic villain and Batman’s archenemy the Joker is back. The first chilling trailer of Todd Phillips’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is here and it introduces something we’ve never felt for the Joker before: Sympathy. He is this

Marvel To Get LGBTQ Superhero In Next Film

Joe Russo, the co-director of Marvel, was recently in India touring for his upcoming film Avengers: Endgame. He held a press conference with fans, at which musical maestro AR Rahman was also present. At the press conference, he declared how