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10 Movie Trailers That Will Make You Realise What An Awesome Year 2019 Is

It’s the end of the week and if anything, you guys should be deciding where you’ll be partying this Saturday. But, here at Goodtimes, we’re all about entertainment, the big screen kind. And we’ve compiled all the coolest and most awesome trailers for all you guys in one useful post. Although these movies aren’t coming out until summer, it’s totally ok to get hyped now. We’ve got a plethora of killer films like John Wick 3, Spiderman: Far From Home and much, much more.

Read on to check out the 10 trailers for films that you need to keep an eye out for.


John Wick 3: Parabellum

This Keanu Reeves franchise has got to be one of the best action films in recent history. Hollywood has had a bad run of it with terribly edited action films where the fights and gunplay are barely coherent. Enter John Wick with its slick execution and masterful editing to blow these films away. The first film had us by the throat, the second kicked our teeth out and the third one (judging by the trailer) will crush both films that came before it. The trailer is pure adrenaline!

Spiderman: Far From Home

As a reboot of the series, Homecoming was an excellent take on the much-loved wallcrawler. Spiderman: Homecoming kind of grounded the character and Far From Home seeks to take him out of his comfort zone. We see a ton of cool action as Peter takes his wall-crawling abilities to Europe and gets into all kind of shenanigans out there. We also get out first look at Mysterio, a long-standing Spidey villain, played by the always amazing Jake Gyllenhall. This film looks to be another feather in the cap of Marvel studios.

The Man Who Killer Hitler And Then Bigfoot

Silly film name aside, this film looks to be an absolute classic. Starring the always dependable Sam Elliot, the film is about a badass who kills Hitler and is now being tasked with killing a Bigfoot that is the carrier of a dangerous and contagious disease. The film looks stunning with awesome cinematography and lighting and it looks like a big budget thriller. Forget the name and check out the awesome trailer below.

Russian Doll

If any of you guys have seen Groundhog Day, then Russian Doll is just the show for you. Told over the course of 8 episodes, Russian Doll is about a woman who dies at a party only to wake up at the beginning of the day. It looks decent but the problem is that this is a story that’s already been told and judging by the trailer below, this film doesn’t add or bring anything new to the genre, but it might be worth a watch.

High Flying Bird

Steven Soderbergh is truly a one-of-a-kind filmmaker. From action films like Haywire to more tense movies like Unsane, the director is unafraid to stretch his creative muscles. His latest work, High Flying Bird is a sobering look at the world of Basketball and the tribulations that come with that kind of a career. Netflix have partnered with Soderbergh to release the film on the streaming platform so all of us can enjoy it. Check out the tense trailer below.

Ghostbusters 3

Finally, after the dumpster fire that was the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, we’re getting a true sequel to the original franchise. Ghostbusters was a film that essentially changed the game when it came to horror comedies and the 2016 reboot completely destroyed the previous two classic. So, it’s rather awesome that the studio have ditched the reboot and gone back to what the real fans love. Check out the teaser trailer below and rejoice.

High Life

Say what you want about Robert Pattinson but the guy plays some of the most interesting characters out there. After his stint in the Twilight series, Pattinson has starred in critically acclaimed films like Cosmopolis and Map to the Stars and continues to make interesting choices when it comes to his career. With High Life, Pattinson proves, once again, that he is an actor to be taken seriously. A sci-fi odyssey that promises to thrill and make us think, High Life looks to be 2019’s sleeper hit.

Black Earth Rising

A deeply moving tale about racism and the modern world, Black Earth Rising is an important film for our time. When we live in world where racism is all but wiped out, it’s important that we learn lessons from our past to improve our future. The story follows a young woman who looks to unravel her past through the eyes of racism. The film will premiere on the 25th of January on Netflix.

Velvet Buzzsaw

From the mind that gave us the insanity that was Nightcrawler comes another mind-bending trip through the art world. Velvet Buzzsaw stars a who’s who of Hollywood including Jake Gyllenhall and Rene Russo. The film delves deep into the mind and psychosis of high art and gives us a trippy and creepy look at that industry. Check out the trailer below and get ready to be blown away by some of the insane visuals.


Another post-apocalyptic film in the same vein as The Road, IO stars Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley as the last two people on Earth. After a disaster forces the people on Earth to abandon the planet in search of greener pastures, our leads are left behind and have to fend for themselves. The trailer is haunting and good news as the film is out on Netflix as I type this sentence. Check out the trailer below and then head on over the Netflix to watch the entire film.