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13 Movies In Which Peace Was The Protagonist

It’s ironical that peace is the easiest and the most difficult thing to achieve at the same time. Fundamentally speaking, the right to peace is the least cumbersome provision leaderships can provide to their citizens, and its also the most coveted. Everything may be fair in love and war, but if we had that conviction to attain supremacy in the game of peace, the world would have been on a path so different! These movies tell us the repercussions of war, the trauma, the haunting; but also the calm with a war avoided, the joy of harmony, the futility of lives lost and love abandoned.

Watch these movies to understand the message of peace is one that is spread least, and wanted most.

1. Waltz with Bashir

2. Gandhi

3. Schindler’s List

4. Freedom Writers

5. To Kill A Mockingbird

6. Brave

7. The Messenger

8. The Loving

9. Selma

10. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas 

11. Grave of the Fireflies

12. Billy Elliot

13. Admiral Yamamoto




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