13 Reasons Why Season 3: Tedious, But Better Than The Last One

Netflix recently dropped the third season of 13 Reasons Why; Season 2 had disappointed fans after the rather engaging season 1, so would Season 3 redeem the series – well it does manage to do that but not wholly.

Do series merit continuous seasons? Yes there are some you wished never ended, and then there are those that make you wonder what were they thinking. 

Nervous 13 Reasons Why GIF by NETFLIX

Coming to the 13 Reasons Why, the students of Liberty High have exorcised the ghost of Hannah Baker, whose death and the tapes she left behind spawned the narrative of Season One. We don’t see Katherine Langford who played Hannah at all, instead we are now dealing with the death of her tormentor Bryce Walker. But who killed him? He wasn’t the brute as shown to be, there was a humane side to him, which is repentant and vulnerable. So which one at Liberty High killed Bryce? It’s not just one they are all in this together hiding their own demons.

New characters make their way into the narrative, Liberty High has moved on but Clay Jensen hasn’t, he is still in mourning and hates Bruce with a vengeance. As he assists his cadre in sweeping things under the carpet through the investigation, so what are they hiding? The show moves back and forth between the present, between the events that have taken place and the current perspective.

It’s tedious fare but a marked improvement from the previous season.

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