16 Times Disney Movies Were As Much For Grown-Ups As For Kids

The thing about Aesop’s Fables was that even though we read it as children in a required reading for our Moral Science class, the stories made an indelible expression on our minds. So much so that they became our first learning lessons in our adulthood. These stories taught us so much about worldly things and made us wise, and were probably catalysts in finding our conscience. Similarly to this were all the Walt Disney movies we watched. They were lessons wrapped around in a familiar cocoon of cutesy. We learnt about family, wondered about love, dreaded the impending loss, and wished for friendships that last. We also wished our fathers were secretly heirs to thrones of some tiny European country, and we also wished that we were inches away from a land of utmost beauty, and how maybe the annoying people of our life shrunk to minuscule size.

Disney movies gave us songs to live by, and anthems to swear by. The movies that came out of Walt Disney warmed the most cold of hearts, and welled our eyes along with our souls. These movies are a must-watch. And we bet once you watch them they will revive your life anew!

1. Coco

2. Finding Dory

3. Saving Mr. Banks

4. Frozen

5. A Christmas Carol

6. Bridge To Terabithia

7. Ice Princess

8. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

9. Flubber

10. Honey I Shrunk The Kids

11. Mary Poppins Returns

12. Dumbo

13. The Lion King

14. Up

15. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

16. The Princess Diaries

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