20 Hollywood Films That Turn 20 In 2020

Remember how every time you saw a piece of machinery appearing lop-sided you wondered if a random object will fall on you because you binge-watched Final Destination multiple times? Remember when Kirsten Dunst was all over as a mysterious, precocious, and alluring teenager? Or what about when Mel Gibson was as skeevy on-screen as he is off screen (hey we just read a lotta tabloids)! And what about all those stunts Tom Cruise did in Mission Impossible 2?! And lastly, did we not belt out the Moonlight song from Coyote Ugly every chance we got to bust some tunes?

2000 saw grit, glamour, thunder, horror, conviction, and much congeniality! These are the movies that turn 20 years this year but we remember them just like it was yesterday!

1. Mission Impossible 2

2. What Women Want

3. X-Men

4. What Lies Beneath

5. Erin Brokovich

6. Final Destination

7. American Psycho

8. The Virgin Suicides

9. Gladiator

10. Center Stage

11. Scary Movie

12. Pokemon: The Movie

13. Coyote Ugly

14. Autumn In New York

15. Bring it On

16. Almost Famous

17. Requiem for a Dream

18. Miss Congeniality

19. Dude Where’s My Car

20. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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