17 ICONIC Hollywood Movies That Turn 20 This Year!

It’s been two decades since Kirsten Dunst was all over precocious, 20 years since Russell Crowe was one of the most legendary warriors, 20 years since Center Stage gave new life to an old Michal Jackson, two decades since we all low-key wanted Harrison Ford to die in What Lies Beneath, two decades since very sultry and ambitious women of Coyote Ugly made us feel the pang of sisterhood longing; it has been 20 long years since Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock taught us what it meant to be fierce women, with oodles of feminism and femininity, while Christian Bale taught us what it truly meant to be a cuckoo sociopath.

It has been two decades since 2000 exhibited movies that were sad, and angering, and sweet, and heart-wrenching, and driving, and absolutely cinematically brilliant! 

1. The Virgin Suicides

2. Gladiator

3. Center Stage

4. Scary Movie

5. X – Men

6. What Lies Beneath

7. Coyote Ugly

8. Autumn in New York

9. Bring It On

10. Almost Famous

11. Dancer in the Dark

12. Meet the Parents

13. Miss Congeniality

14. Erin Brokovich

15. Final Destination

16. High Fidelity

17. American Psycho

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