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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

The latest series to hit Netflix, Sex Education portrays Asa Butterfield as Otis, an awkward high school student whose life is surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex with his mother. An expert on sex, compared to his peers, Otis uses his specialist knowledge to gain status in school.

This new British comedy is set to make you laugh, cry and cringe! Exploring relatable and raw themes of love, sex, passion, friendship, crushes and growing up with quintessential British humour, the series has relatable moments for everyone who has experienced the awkwardness and angst of adolescence.

Here are 5 reasons to get excited about this coming-of-age drama:

1.Gillian Anderson is back!

The iconic agent from the 90s popular show The X-files is back! Gillian Anderson who played the alien fighting agent is back and is now taking on the role of Otis’ mother, a sex therapist, in Sex Education and the result is a hilarious mother-son dynamic you’ll be cracking up at.

2.Very real storylines about love and relationships as a teenager

The series depicts the very real and familiar feelings of discovering attraction to the opposite sex, excitement at attention from a crush or the painful blow of rejection. Sex Education strikes an emotional chord while keeping audiences entertained.

Sex Education Season 1

3.Open and honest conversations about sex

Sex and talking about sex has been a taboo for generations but with the evolving outlook towards sex education, honest and holistic conversations about the birds and the bees is a must. Sex Education on Netflix is a great start to fostering open conversations about sex.

Sex Education Season 1

4.It’s not just about lust, it’s about self-love and acceptance

The series helps audiences understand that proper sex education is about more than just sexual desire. It’s about educating young people on how to love and respect themselves and their bodies. A lesson we wish we all got in high school.

Sex Education Season 1

5.Surprisingly sound advice for teens and adults

“Own your narrative and don’t let it control you” and “Neither circumstance is likely to change, but your outlook can” are just some of the inspiring advice to come out of Sex Education. There’s a whole lot more self-empowering advice and solid writing throughout the series that you’re not going to want to miss.

Sex Education Season 1

If you’re as intrigued as we are, catch Sex Education – on Netflix from January 11, 2019. In the meantime, you can check out the hilarious trailer below!

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