You Can Watch The Trailer Of ‘A Quiet Place 2’, But Only If You Do This!

Well fans of horror, all that binge-watching of horror movies might just put you on an edge above, well the rest of us. Apparently, A Quiet Place’s sequel trailer has been released but the audience will only be able to see it alongside an American slasher, Black Christmas! Talk about a doubly whammy that doesn’t let you sleep at night!

Directed by John Krasinski and wrote by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, the trailer seems to pick from the first part’s end. According to reports, the first part crossed mark of $300 million mark at global box office after opening in its final major market, China which sets the expectations bar higher for part 2. Keeping the original cast, the sequel adds Cilian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

But in the meantime, we suggest you to watch the trailer of Black Christmas instead, and who knows what piques your interest!