GT Exclusive: Al Pacino Talks Insecurities & How Acting Helps Tackle Them!

Al Pacino has a repertoire that far exceeds the phenomena of being just a legend, even. From portraying a raw, complex character in Panic in Needle Park, to being suave and reticent in The Godfather, to being elusive and charming in Scent of a Woman – and now he has entered the burgeoning millennial world of over the top media with his new show Hunters on Amazon Prime.

Talking to Puja Talwar, Executive Editor of Goodtimes, Pacino mentioned how even with a legacy such as his, he still has his own share of insecurities.

Insecurity is relative, and its always there and we have to deal with it. However when we act our focus and thoughts are about the character that we are playing, and not entirely about our own woes.

Al Pacino also spoke about his role-selection process, and he said that he reads the text once to get a sense of the character, and then if he finds it interesting enough does he read the script one more time.

For the entire interview with Al Pacino, click below:

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