Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Are Coming Together For An Office Podcast!

If you love The Office, and you really have to love it if you ever watched it, and you really have to watch it if you ever want to watch anything – then this news might just make you smile ear to ear. Apparently real-life best friends and reel-life frenemies Pam and Angela, you know what we mean, are pairing up for a podcast solely dedicated to The Office. 

Premiering on October 16th, on comedy network Earwolf, the show will have the two discussing all things Office. They will also discuss behind-the-scenes details, and have a question answer session where fans (US!) will ask them questions that they will answer, like Wouldn’t Moses and Meredith be a good pair? Come on now, who was Creed Bratton, and dare we say – Will BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling just be the Ryan and Kelly of our real life dreams too?

The podcast comes in as the series completes 15 years since its genius inception.

But that’s not all, as Fischer says: “Besides talking about ‘The Office,’ you can also hear us chat a little about our lives, our Target runs together, our friendship through the years.”

We mean, maybe Phyllis Smith can join in to relive how amazing those on-screen office parties were? Hey – a fan can dream!

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