Watch: Three New Trailers Of Black Mirror Season 5 Are Released

With Season 5 of Black Mirror’s release just two weeks away, three different trailers for each of the season’s three episodes were released. The episodes star Anthony Mackie and Miley Cyrus along with Topher Grace, Pom Klementieff and Andrew Scott. All the three episodes stick to the show’s central idea of humanity’s relationship with technology while featuring some of the most enthralling, twisted and critical stances.

In Smithereens, a cab driver listening to a meditation app goes out of control and takes his passenger hostage.

In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, a teenager desperately tries to connect with her role model, a pop star through a toy robot.

In Striking Vipers, two estranged college friends reunite, triggering a series of events that alter their life forever.

All the three episodes are set to release in Netflix on June 5.

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