Blake Lively Deleted All Of Her Instagram, Yet Again!

Blake Lively is back to her old Instagram tricks! The actress deleted almost all of her Instagram posts this weekend, save for one post from September- A trailer for her upcoming movie, The Rhythm Section, which hits theaters on January 31 of next year.

Back in September, Blake Lively shared the full trailer for her upcoming thriller in an Instagram post. And it’s not that fans didn’t notice it, in fact, plenty liked and commented on the post. But as we can see, Lively really wanted all the attention only on The Rhythm Section and she really made sure it was the only thing her fans could see.

And if this move feels familiar, it’s because it totally is. Lively pulled a similar stunt back in May 2018, to drum up excitement about her movie A Simple Favor. That time around, the actress unfollowed everyone, including Ryan Reynolds, and started following only accounts with the name Emily Nelson- her character’s name in the film. Let’s all also remember that to promote A Simple Favor, Lively wore only suits for months, even in the sweltering August heat, so who knows what other kinds of stunts she’s going to pull for this movie. Keep your eyes peeled, people!

Watch the trailer of The Rhythm Section here:


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