Dir. Luca Guadagnino Confirms Timothée & Armie Will Star In The Sequel Of Call Me By Your Name

Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me

The first time that you touched me

Oh, will wonders ever cease?

Blessed be the mystery of love

In the times of a pandemic, especially ravaging the beautiful country of Italy, Luca Guadagnino has brought the fans of Call Me By Your Name, or ‘Peaches’, a little stroke of happiness! Speaking to La Republica, Guadagnino has officially spoken about how Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer will both be in the sequel of the Oscar nominated movie.

Before coronavirus, I had a trip to the United States to meet a writer I love very much, whose name I don’t want to say, to talk about the second part. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it. Of course, it is a great pleasure to work with Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Esther Garrel and the other actors. Everyone will be in the new movie

The movie changed the leitmotif of romance shown in movies, dismissing archetypal normative notions of relationships, and ultimately giving us the ballad that is Sufjan Stevens’ Mystery of Love.



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