‘End Of The World’ Movies To Give Your Corona Panic Some Perspective

Whether it is a scorned scientist who has unleashed a trace of something very chemically devastating, or it is a zombie takeover, or it is the very realistic climate change, or simply a war for land and power that makes us all kill each other slowly- dystopia and the ‘end of the world’ are shown gregariously and generously in cinema. It is always catastrophic, and there is always a lesson in the end, but there is mayhem – the Statue of Liberty is almost always getting submerged, the sky has something or the other blinking, people are roaming around in Hazmat suits, and we are all just waiting for the world to really end; but the world doesn’t end, instead we breathe into a new morning, a new horizon, one that is full of hope, redemption, and perspective – that to live your life truly and expansively you must wade through the muck that is life, but do it with just a bit of caution, not so you are cocooned, but so that the others in your life are also benefitting from this new day.

1. Mad Max Franchise

2. The Day After Tomorrow

3. Melancholia

4. On The Beach

5. 12 Monkeys

6. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

7. A Quiet Place

8. Zombieland

9. World War Z

10. Children of Men

11. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

and finally…

12. Contagion

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