‘Star Trek’ To ‘Harry Potter’: 7 Hollywood Films That Invented Their Own Language

Language is intrinsic to any community; it is the pillar around which the fabric of society is woven. Films invent a parallel universe and a society for us to believe and thrive in – so why shouldn’t there be a language that is unique to that world? ‘Game Of Thrones’ was the latest series to introduce a new unique language to their fans in the form of ‘Dothraki’. 

These languages are definitely a big deal to the makers, as they rope in specialists to add credibility to the language they seek to invent. The unique words and sentences used in the films add an all-new layer of meaning to the narrative, and help audiences cash-in on enjoyment as well. Here are 7 films which invented their own language, and made us believe in everything that they said and stood for, in it!

1. Star Trek

Klingon was the constructed language developed for the Klingons of the Star Trek universe. Initially, the language was not planned to be a part of the world of Star Trek. However, at the release of the third film in the series, they decided to involve linguistics and got the creator Marc Okrand to develop it.

2. Star Wars

The science-fiction fantasy series has a loyal fan base – to such an extent that the language used in the franchise is spoken by fans! Multiple languages feature in the series; which include, but are not limited to Galactic Basic, Shyriiwook and Huttese. The language, Galactic Basic even has its own writing system, known as Aurebesh. Languages used in Star Wars were researched to the T – involving sound design and calligraphy experts too!

3. Blade Runner

Blade Runner was a franchise that did not invest so heavily in linguistic research – but came up with its own language nevertheless! Cityspeak was the name of the language, which is basically defined as a generous mix of Hungarian, Chinese, and French among others.

4. Harry Potter

Parseltongue was the language, that if spoken correctly, would attribute the person to be a Dark Wizard. It was the language that people addressed to snakes, serpents, and other magical creatures of serpentine qualities. A person conversant in Parseltongue would be referred to as a Parselmouth.

5. Lord Of The Rings

The Elvish languages of Sindarin, Quenya, Telerin were not just all that were there in the universe that J. R. R. Tolkien created. There was a whole bunch of human languages too! The love for languages stemmed from Tolkien’s childhood interest in the subject. He later became a philologist too, further contributing to his inventions.

6. Avatar

Na’avi was the language that the inhabitants of the world of Pandora utilised to communicate. It has a vocabulary and a grammar backed by proper research, that too of an entire period of four years! The language continues to evolve and expand the universe of Avatar.

7. Minions

As if Minions weren’t endearing enough already, there is an entire language of the ‘Minion’-verse that you ought to be well-versed with! The makers said it was invented very randomly – when they had no inkling of the popularity the series would gain. Minion-ese, as the language is popularly referred to, is basically just a mix of gibberish with some foreign words.

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