‘Fleabag’ To Return When She Is 50, Phoebe Waller Bridge Contradicts Earlier Statement Of ‘No Season 3’

When Season 2 of Fleabag came after a long hiatus after the first season, it seemed too good to be true – especially because the new season was unlike any other television we had seen before. The decimation and control of the fourth wall, the writing, the longing, HOT PRIEST, the tragicomedy moments made Season 2 of Fleabag undeniably superior. So when Phoebe Waller Bridge openly denied the possibility of a third season, especially for those of us who hoped that the foxes helped Hot Priest realise he belongs with Fleabag. Of course a lot of us also believed that in order to harness the essence of Fleabag, there must not be an overt happy ending. But now, Phoebe Waller Bridge has had a change of heart.

During a late night talk show, the brilliant performer – writer may have hinted at another Fleabag outing.

I quite like the idea of coming back to her, well me, when I am 50. Because I feel like she would have had more life then and God knows what she would have got up to. Actually seeing a character like that in a later stage of life is exciting. But for now she has been through enough, we have got to let her go.

With bagging multiple Emmys for the show, we can be rest assured that no one is anything but totally psyched at the very possibility of more Fleabag in our lives!

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