These Are The 10 Funniest F.R.I.E.N.D.S Episodes Ever

Gum is perfection

Pick up the sock Judy, pick up the sock


This tastes like feet


Burger king comet


These are not just catchphrases, they are a lifestyle; a lifestyle that has been nurtured and cultured over time by FRIENDS’ fans all over the world, who have taken this show as the yardstick for every other sitcom to ever grace our small screens. Sure, shows have come and gone, and somewhere a whole generation of people thought the show was a little too-much, but there is no denying that FRIENDS is singularly one of the most positive facets of the entertainment industry. Six friends, and their absolutely crack – a – whip dynamic with each other that included lobsters, and sandwiches, and love, and marriages, and curly hair, and fajitas! It is truly hard to come up with a show as relevant and as rib tickling as this one, however – we did the impossible and narrowed down 10 best episodes of the best show ever!

Here they are!

1. The One With The Blackout

Season 1 Atm Vestibule GIF by Friends

2. The One Where No One’s Ready

Season 3 Lunges GIF by Friends

3. The One With The Embryos

Season 4 No GIF by Friends

4. The One Where Ross Got High

Season 6 Eating GIF

5. The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner

Waving Episode 5 GIF

6. The One With The Cop

Moving Season 5 GIF by Friends

7. The One Where They’re Up All Night

Season 7 Friends GIF

8. The One With All The Resolutions

Season 5 Bathroom GIF by Friends

9. The One Where Ross Is Fine

Im Fine Episode 2 GIF by Friends

10. The One With The Home Study

Episode 7 Friends GIF



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