Wonder Woman 84: Gal Gadot Looks Gritty And Breathtaking

TWarner Bros. confirmed today that it would be missing their annual tradition at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The fact that the studio’s forthcoming offerings such as The Joker, Birds Of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be debuting any new chunks crushes our ‘geeky heart’. But Patty Jenkins came with a band-aid this morning! 

Gal Gadot created a huge uproar in Hollywood after starring in the 2017 film Wonder Woman. In the background of jagged smears of a bright colour scheme this time, Gal Gadot stands before her emblematic Wonder Woman initial – All to offer a prize to her patient fans!

The woman can be seen in a new shiny costume, featuring a full body suit. Gal has gone all scale mail and shiny metal! We love the rad revamp!

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