Move Over Bollywood Inspired Names, GoT Themed Names Are The Rage Now

Game of Thrones has caught everyone’s attention and won hearts all over the world. Even if the last season has failed to live up to its mark in more than possible ways, fans are still gaga over it. Fans of course were not expecting the sudden downfall of one of the world’s biggest shows in the last season and a few already associated GoT to something very close to their hearts.

Parents across the world have named and are naming their children after the show’s characters. A decade ago, when dragons and dire wolves ambushed our televisions, Arya was not even a popular name. But now according to reports, it’s is the most common Thrones inspired name as thousands of parents are naming their little bundles of joy after the Stark kid. According to data from Social Security Administration, US 2,545 babies were given the name Arya in 2018.

Similarly, the names Daenerys and Khaleesi are also finding a place in many households.  Little did the people realize back than that their child will be named after a Mad Queen. Even if it is so, we are sure the toddlers will have nothing in common with the Mad Queen. After all there’s just one Khaleesi who shares her genes with Mad King Aerys II. Social Security Administration, US has reported that some 3562 babies have been named Khaleesi or Daenerys since 2011. In 2018, almost 560 little Khaleesis came to the world.

Other than these, many babies across the world were also named after Tyrion, Jamie, Tywin, Yara and Lyanna. Surprisingly, there are no Hodors, Littlefingers or Grey Worms.

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