Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Prepares Us For The Biggest Battle Between The Living And The Dead

After teasing us with many posters, motion posters, teasers and first looks, a full-length trailer of Game of Thrones Season 8 has finally been released and we can see that winter has arrived. The last season of the series, which will be premiered in India on April 15th will be focused on the battle between the living and the dead, with the Wall having been brought down by the White Walkers and their newest weapon, the ice dragon that was once Viserion.

The latest trailer gives us loads to talk about.  The video starts with Arya Stark running from an unseen danger as she calmly talks about death in a different scenario. Who is chasing Arya? She clearly looks disheveled and battle-weary, and has her Valyrian steel dagger in her hand. Does that mean a White Walker is chasing the Arya down? It’s frightening to see her so scared, and if it scares the Stark kid, shouldn’t everyone be worried?

What we see next is Bran, Samwell Tarly and Brienne of Tarth gearing up for the war against army beyond the wall. Daenerys and Jon too reach Winterfell as the dragons fly over the Starks castle surprising everyone. Jaime Lannister is also seen preparing for the war as he is determined to not break his ‘promise’ of protecting the people. Does that mean Jaime is in Winterfell and is ready to face the White Walkers? The trailer also gives us a shot of Varys, along with Gilly and baby Sam, and the women and children of Winterfell hiding in crypts while it looks like a battle rages above them.

While everybody else is preparing for the war, we get a glimpse of Cersei smirking with Qyburn.  She sips her wine indifferently and is clearlty unaffected by winters and the White Walkers. The trailer concludes with grim expressions of the army men as the Night King’s horse steps into the living world.

Watch the trailer here and you’ll be anxious than ever about the final season.


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