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All The Things That Made Us Cry, Laugh, And Scowl At The 76th Golden Globes

When tonnes of celebrities come in one room and decide to get a little tipsy, there are bound to be those head turning moments. And this year’s Golden Globes were no exception. Surprises abounded the show with Bohemian Rhapsody proving to be the best drama and Green Book rode home with the best comedy title. A lot of most-talked moments rolled out over the night.

Here are all the best, can’t-miss moments of the Golden Globe Awards, 2019.

Sandra Oh makes history (twice)

The wonderful, talented, eloquent Sandra Oh was a shining ball of at the Golden Globes last night. Not only was Oh the first person of Asian descent to host the show, but also the first Asian women winning best actress in a dram for ‘Killing Eve’. You hear that, Emmys?

Hey, Taylor Swift was there

Taylor Swift’s surprise entrance to present the Best Score and Best Original song, accompanying Idris Elba and introduced as his ‘Cats co-star’ was definitely the highlight of the evening. The all A-list Cats movie of course still doesn’t exist, but we’re happy that Hollywood is keeping up the pretense.

Every time the camera turned to Oh’s parents

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Sandra Oh also had the distinction of having the most beloved pair of parents in the attendance. Oh’s parents beaming with pride each time the camera cut to them absolutely stole the show. When Sandra took the stage to receive her award, Sandra’s father stood up and looked around the guests as if to check that everyone else was paying attention to his daughter’s success. He was clapping gleefully all the while. Can it get any cuter?

All hail Regina King

While accepting her award for ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Regina King made a pledge – Every movie she produces in the next two years will have at least 50 percent women. Even the music that was cued to play her off stopped after she gave her thanks so that King could make this important promise.  In a show where women and especially women of colour are getting acknowledged, it feels so fitting and necessary.

Jeff Bridges and Carol Burnett moving speeches

The iconic Jeff Bridges took home the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award and do we even have another name for the first Carol Burnett award? And we must say, both the actors moved us with their acceptance speeches.

Jeff Bridges was absolutely The Dude, sweetly shouting out the actors, mentors and family members who helped him get to where he is. He was charming and laidback and we can imagine how nice it would be to spend a few minutes in Bridges’ mind.

Carol Burnett’s touching speech was all about her love for television. Back in Burnett’s days, there were 28-piece orchestras and variety shows with big budgets and now there is YouTube and reruns. Well, that’s kind of a tragic thing to say about the state of entertainment, but when Carol Burnett, the living legend says it, it’s somehow still charming and sweet.

Sandra Oh’s representation joke ruled

It was a kind of a strange pairing for co-hosts of the Golden Globe Awards. After all, the only thing Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg have in common is that they are perfect and no one has a bad thing to say about them. So when Oh called out Aloha for its whitewashing of Asian characters the joke had bite enough that even Emma Stone yelled ‘I’m sorry’ from her table. Yes, it was really her and it was unplanned.

When Lady Gaga lost to Glenn Close

Not to take away from Glenn Close’s surely super performance in ‘The Wife’, but Lady Gaga got robbed in the Best Actress-Drama category. You can tell by the fact that this was Glenn’s expression when she won. LOLOLOL.

Maya Rudolph proposed Amy Poehler

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This is no surprise but legendary funny women Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler received some of the biggest laughs of the night when they took a shot at the viral marriage proposal that went down at the Emmy Awards 2018. Rudolph popped the question to Poehler right before presenting the Best Screenplay award to Peter Farelly, Nick Vallelonga and Brian Currie for ‘Green Book’.

Flu Shots

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Poehler and Rudolph’s faux proposal wasn’t the only shot taken at award shows of the past. Cohosts Oh and Samberg also brought in their own mid-show celebrity gift gag. However, rather than delivering pizza or presenting everyone with lunch boxes, the emcees actually went for a public service and had people in white coats giving flu shots to stars. Whether these shots were real or not remains to be seen, but the gimmick was hilarious just because how silly it was.

Jameela or Kamilah?

Tahani would have never approved but Jameela Jamil does. Jamil definitely was not expecting a little ‘Good Place’ joke when she hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Fans of the comedy will know that Jamil’s character Tahani’s biggest insecurity is her spotlight-stealing sister Kamilah Al-Jamil. So Tahani would probably be devastated to see that when Jameela walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes, the chyron labeled her as none other than Kamilah Al-Jamil.

Fiji girl steals the show

The Golden Globe Awards red carpet featured its share of scene-stealers but all of them were arguably outshone by the consistent appearance of a pretty woman in a violet dress giving out Fiji water bottles. The unwavering commitment of the Fiji water girl on the Red carpet is commendable.





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