Harvey Weinstein To Spend 23 Years In A New York State Prison

Harvey Weinstein will spend 23 years in a New York State prison after being sentenced by Supreme Court Judge James Burke on Wednesday morning. Just hours after he was sentenced, Harvey Weinstein was transferred to Bellevue Hospital in New York due to chest pains he experienced while at Rikers Island jail, according to his spokesman Juda Engelmayer.

Judge Burke, before issuing his sentence, told Harvey Weinstein that he will be formally registered as a sex offender. Harvey Weinstein’s case helped ignite the global #MeToo movement, had faced between five and 29 years in prison after being convicted of first degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape.

The jury, made up of seven men and five women, deliberated for five days. The charges were based on Miriam Haley’s testimony that Harvey Weinstein forced oral sex on her in 2006 and Jessica Mann’s testimony that he raped her in 2013. Four other women also testified.

Harvey Weinstein’s attorney Donna Rotunno deemed the sentencing “obscene” in a press conference outside the court house. “Of course it’s too harsh. It’s ridiculous,” she went on to say. “That number was obnoxious. There are murderers who will get out of court faster than Harvey Weinstein will. That number spoke to the pressure of movements in the public, that number did not speak to the evidence that came out in trial. That number did not speak to the testimony that we heard. That number did not speak to evidence, nor did it speak to justice.” Added Donna Rotunno, “We were looking for fairness and we didn’t get it.”


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