Hollywood Movies From 2018 That Should Be Your Fashion Inspo

Fashion is an art forever replete with borrowed aesthetic from other art forms, so that a lot of us can truly become a part of the latter that we so covet and love. Whether it is literature, or paintings, or historical movements, or movies -fashion finds inspiration everywhere! And where else can we access the quickest inspiration of them all but while in a movie theater?! These are some movies from 2018 that prove to be excellent for some fashion mood-boarding for all of us that are forever looking to up our trend game! 

1. Black Panther

This movie broke so many records that we can’t keep track! From an all-black cast to the amazing run during the awards season, Black Panther is a cinematic force to reckon with. The movie is a celebration of African aesthetic and caliber, and that was definitely visible even in it’s fashion sensibilities. Artifacts and prints reminiscent to native and rural African tribes with strong colours, and fierce adornments – this movie is for all of us who love strength in our sartorial style.

2. Crazy Rich Asians

The movie adaptation of the very popular book with the same name is all about pompous and over the top statements as the characters are either the very very rich inhabitants of Asia or the ones who hobnob with them. Full of elaborate gowns, preppy co-ordinates, gems and baubles the movie walks alongside the female protagonist’s changing path from a professor at NYU to entering the world of only privilege as she meets her boyfriend’s family! This movie is perfect for all those cocktail parties you may attend, or just boozy brunches you need to attend!

3. Spy Who Dumped Me

Shiny disco ball! It may be a touch too predictable thing for us to say, but we get major discotheque feels with all the sequins! Full of outlandish wear made for women who are all about secrets and how to squash them -this movie will give you so much inspiration for all those events that require you to put on a bedazzled pantsuit!

4. Oceans 8

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This movie was based around really badass women robbing a really glamorous fashion event, and succeeding at it. Obviously there was abundant fashion involved! From Cate Blanchett’s androgynous style to Anne Hathaway’s IT Girls wardrobe the dream team wore the best of fashion and owned their looks. From visiting friends to making a grand exit, for fashion inspiration you won’t get any luckier than watching this movie!

5. Red Sparrow

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Red, feisty, charged, and sexy. Jennifer Lawrence’s looks from the movie are architectural in their silhouettes and overwhelming in their oomph. The mystery and allure that comes from the clothes, as well as from the make-up looks makes this movie and it’s characters difficult to forget!

6. Fantastic Beasts 2

Just like the first movie, this one is full of men in quintessential English style and cuts. Like Savile Row but more. Top hats, tweed, briefcases, greys, vests; the ensemble on the men are very reminiscent of old-school Britain and this is just great inspiration for men come Fall-Winter 2018, because nothing says kempt like a belted wool trench!

7. A Wrinkle In Time

A movie based on a fantastical theme will obviously have a wardrobe suitably surreal. Colours, patterns, cuts that evoke a sense of a different world, A Wrinkle In Time is for all of us who believe that our personalities are truly the drivers of the fashion navigation of our life. If you ever want to be the envy of every Plain Jane in sight, this movie is your true fashion guru because it is full of looks that bring out the most creatively genius side in you!

8. Bohemian Rhapsody

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Full hair, wide-leg pants, statement shirts, neckerchiefs, short shorts and music to beat through every bone in your body. This movie goes side by side the journey of the legendary band Queen especially centered around their lead singer Freddie Mercury. The man himself, known for the most bizarre but truly mastermind style, is such an inspiration for men and women alike and this movie really most definitely takes it a notch higher!

9. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

70s bohemian style, with some gypsy movement thrown into the mix, this movie is all about celebrating big sleeves, bigger dresses, wild hair, and lots of paisley! This is the suitable inspiration for all of us going on a vacation in Europe or even to a coastal town! Carry that wicker tote bag, wear those strappy sandals, and you are good to go!


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