“F.R.I.E.N.D.S Was A Gift Of A Lifetime”, Jennifer Aniston Says As She Wins People’s Icon Award

Jennifer Aniston has been the talk of town the past few months, what with her crushing debut on Instagram, her series ‘The Morning Show’ on AppleTV+, the ongoing 25 years of the beloved ‘Friends’. So, when she – dressed in her signature black for red carpet ensemble – got the People’s Choice Icon Award, no one was really surprised. We mean, who else than Aniston to bask in the glory of being a cultural icon for so many of us!

She noted in her acceptance speech that she is grateful for the award, holding this significance especially.

This town puts out a lot of awards but People’s Choice has always been special to me. As actors, we don’t do this for the critics or for each other or to make our families proud… we do this for the money, I’m kidding! We do it for you guys, we really do.

The actress also mused about the show that launched her into an unprecedented fame, “Friends was truly the gift of a lifetime and I would not be standing up here without that fantastic show and that fantastic cast. It’s paved the way for everything I’ve had the chance to do since.”

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