Joker Trailer: DC’s Most Iconic Villain’s Laughter Will Leave You Heartbroken

Before it could even fully sink in that DC’s most iconic villain is getting his own live-action feature film, the final trailer of Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix has already been dropped. Not just that, there’s also a release date! One that’s far ahead than what we anticipated- October 4, 2019.

Like we all saw it coming, the trailer by the filmmaker of ‘The Hangover’ franchise Todd Phillips is a pure genius act. What we didn’t see coming is how touching Joker’s backstory can be. The trailer is definitely not funny; it’s not even terrifying; it’s mostly just sad and heart-wrenching. When the teaser trailer of Joker was released back in April, we already knew we were looking at a film that’ll highlight his backstory and do a deep-dive into what led Gotham’s most make-up-encrusted villain to a life of crime. What we didn’t expect was to be overwhelmed with feelings of sympathy for the Joker as he met with disappointment after disappointment, and was isolated and left alone. It’s weird to say but, JOKER JUST WANTS LOVE AND VALIDATION. Don’t we all?

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In the trailer, we see Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck simply aspiring to be a comedian to make people smile. However, his hardships in Gotham City, including a woman snapping him for playing with her child, a disengaged therapist and Robert De Niro insulting him on TV, all while dealing with depression, lead him to the edge of insanity. The world that turns Arthur Fleck embittered and insane looks truly grim and somber. Hence on goes the clown paint (or mask) and chaos comes to Gotham once again.

While Joker has already been premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 28, it’ll see its American premiere at TIFF in September where Joaquin Phoenix will also be receiving the Tribute Actor Award along with Meryl Streep. And now put on your Joker smile because there are just 36 days left for the film to hit theatres worldwide.

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