UFC Chief Dana White Confirms Justin Bieber And Tom Cruise’s MMA Battle

We’ve all seen some freak-shows put on in martial arts over the years, but the one that’s coming up would unarguably top the list. Apropos of nothing, pop star Justin Bieber has challenged Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to an MMA fight in a tweet, causing immediate head scratching amongst the social media family.

While Bieber has changed his tune regarding his proposed battle with Cruise inside the octagon and said he was just “messing around’, not all have given up on the idea. In fact, UFC head Dana White wants it to happen. According to reports, White had already engaged in talks last week with the two ‘big guys’ about a potential fight between them. The President was a guest speaker at Hashtag Sports 2019, where he was approached about making the fight happen, to which White said, “It is true”. Justin Bieber is all set to fight Cruise if the age-defying actor agrees to do, even if the pop star feels the Mission: Impossible actor is likely to “whoop his ass”.

Further, Conor McGregor, who has fought one UFC since 2016, is ready to take part in the celebrity fight. In fact, it’s McGregor and not Dana White who offered to put the show under his imaginary promotion banner. But the even bigger surprise was that the mixed martial artist said he wanted Mark Wahlberg on the very same card.


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