After Voicing Batman For 27 Years, Kevin Conroy’s First Look As The Dark Knight Revealed

Everyone has a favorite Batman; if for some it’s Michael Keaton, then for others it’s Christian Bale, or even Adam West. But for a whole generation who grew up with Batman: The Animated Series, the dark Knight will always be Kevin Conroy. The actor provided the perfect voice for the Batman for decades, and now, thanks to the CW, Kevin Conroy will finally portray the Batman for the very first time in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’. Here’s the first look at Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne!

Although this is only one photo, it tells us quite a bit about the version of Bruce he’ll be playing; we see that this older version of Batman has two metal harnesses on his shoulders. It looks to be some kind of sophisticated exoskeleton, one that is probably allowing the former Dark Knight to be mobile after years of getting brutalized in vicious fights with his rogues’ gallery.

If you have seen this look somewhere before, it’s because it’s the same look that the older Bats wore in the seminal graphic novel Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. In the comic, Batman leads one group of heroes in opposition to Superman’s Justice League. While it’s unlikely we will get the exact same version as we saw in the comics, but we are hoping to see something that at least alludes to it.

It is unknown how many episodes Kevin Conroy will play Bruce Wayne in; it could be an extended cameo, or perhaps it’s a more substantial role than what we are shown. All we care about is that it’s about time Conroy got to play the character in live-action because we believe he would make for the perfect Bruce Wayne.




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