New Couple Alert: Kylie Jenner Is Dating Drake

If reports are to be believed, there’s something brewing between Kylie Jenner and Drake. The rapper and the fashion mogul sparked romance rumours in mid-October, and they’ve since kicked the rumour mill into overdrive after reporting “spending Halloween together”.

Even though neither of them has commented on the alleged outing, a few sources claim that Jenner and Drake were being seriously “flirty”. According to reports, Drake threw a star-studded party on Halloween, where he and Jenner allegedly hung out “all night”. One of the sources said, “Drake was having a great time at his party at Delilah, he even brought his dad among his whole entourage. Kylie, Rob [Kardashian] and Stassie were there too. They went back and forth between the private bar area and the main area and they were sitting together at points and hanging out all night. It looked flirty. At the end of the night, Drake had a couple SUVs and he left at the same time as Kylie”.

It, however, isn’t the first time that Kylie Jenner and Drake are linked; the first time, in fact, happened just over a week ago. The rapper had a celebration in honour of his 33rd birthday and Jenner was in attendance with various sources noting that the two had spent a lot of time together during the event. This, however, is no confirmation of the two dating for sure as a few other sources also claimed they are not spending any romantic time together. They are seen at some events together simply because they are pals.

Well, it seems we all have to wait to hear Jenner and Drake have to say.

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