10 Life Lessons Michelle Tanner Taught Us All

Okay, okay, we all agree Stephanie Judith Tanner was perhaps the more sassier one with her “Pin a rose on your nose” and “How rude”, but Michelle Tanner wasn’t your average kid either. Of course the Tanner household was built on strong women leads and the three sisters were possibly the most opinionated, empowered, and adorable little girls television saw but Michelle Tanner by virtue of being the youngest was perhaps the one viewers got thoroughly attached to. After all she was Uncle Jesse’s little munchkin, and if that doesn’t spell exaltation we don’t know what does. So here are seven times the youngest Tanner gave us a lesson or two. From collaborating with Aunt Becky to design and make a race-car as the only girl driver, to being equipped with the best accessories, to knowing that ice-cream is bae, to understanding to have your sisters’ backs when they accidentally drill a hole in your dad’s wall. Michelle Tanner knew the need of the hour, and delivered.

1. She knew the importance of food

full house eating GIF

2. She knew the bond of sisterhood

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3. She knew the pertinence of money

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4. She knew how to effectively tug at your heartstrings

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5. She knew the way to sass town is to be armed with a good catchphrase

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6. She knew the importance of family time

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7. She knew there are no gender barriers

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8. She knew things could get solved with a shimmy

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9. She knew the dress to impress is a motto cardinal

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10. She knew that self-reliance is an indispensable skill

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