Post Liam Hemsworth’s Separation Post, Miley Cyrus Launches Break-Up Song

In the world of break-ups, the aftermath is usually what concerns the onlookers and outsiders most. The couple copes, and everyone around them just makes mental logistics note: who is winning the break up; who is being more gracious; who will have custody of shared importances; who is being nasty; who is at the throes of a breakdown. So, after being married for 8 months, and being in an on-off relationship for 9 years, when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth decided to separate, a lot of people had a lot of thoughts. But Cyrus and Hemsworth has only a few.

Hemsworth sent out an Instagram post confirming the separation with a succinct but kind thought, and now Cyrus has tapped into her skills and belted out a song. Coincidentally titled ‘Slide Away’ – now these are just speculations but the lyrics hint towards a possible nod to the break up.

Once upon a time, it was made for us (For us)

Woke up one day, it had turned to dust

Baby, we were found, but now we’re lost

So it’s time to let it go

The song has also sent fans into a tizzy owing to the rumours coming in about both sides, of Miley Cyrus possibly cheating on Liam Hemsworth that led to the separation, while some say it was the latter’s substance abuse problem that was the final straw. However some sources have apparently also mentioned how the singer-actor is having a difficulty moving on.

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