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Netflix’s ‘Patriot Act’ With Hasan Minhaj Is A Game-Changer For Late Night Comedy

Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ is not the first of its kind, with different shows revolving around the same format, but it compensates for a bland format with originality. ‘Patriot Act’ is inherently hilarious, relevant and distinct. Minhaj is definitely the perfect talk show host, explaining serious things in a very comical format.

From talking about about the diplomacy crisis  in Saudi Arabia and its crown prince Muhammad bin Salman to turning his eye towards streetwear brand Supreme, Minhaj covers a wide array of topics. He chooses a topic every week and explains everything we need to know about it within 30 minutes but ‘Patriot Act’ is not just an information overkill, it is fresh and new. ‘Patriot Act’ is a combination of a talk show, news commentary and stand up comedy. Hasan’s stage presence is terrific, captivating and keeps the audience glued to their screens.

Hasan is the first Indian-American performer to host the a political show. The first episode is about Affirmative Action and who better to represent it than an Asian person. It’s all rather ironic but it plays out pretty well. He talks about his SAT score and how didn’t get into Stanford because he was too dumb and this never fails to get a laugh. He also uses metaphors equating a lota to toilet paper as a measure of effectiveness and we had never seen something like it before. It’s so funny because it’s so relatable. Good content and good presentation are the best parts of the show.

It’s not like Netflix hasn’t tried delving into the talk show format as over the years, Netflix has tried incorporating shows which deal with the political landscape in a comical way but none of it has worked out so well. They fail to create a buzz  or even resonate with the audience but, ‘Patriot Act’ is different and it might just be the one that Netflix needs to breakout.

With 4 episodes already out on Netflix, we’re already salivating for more! Here’s to the Patriot Act!

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